Thursday, April 7, 2011


I won't hound anyone for not knowing yet about Blackle, especially because I was "in the dark" about it for a while too.  Blackle is powered by Google, and it is designed with an ALL black screen and white text for the purposes of saving energy across the world.  They have a constant counter of the estimated savings of power so far, but I once read an article that mentioned this isn't that accurate at all.  It said that Blackle's count of power is based on CRT monitors, which are quickly being completely replaced by much more energy-efficient LCD and other new technology-based monitors.

I'm sure you've already figured out how it works by now, but for those who have not...  The energy for showing a black screen requires an EXTREMELY less amount of electricity to produce rather than a white screen, which is composed of ALL colors.  Black, of course, is the absence of color.  It's basically a common sense idea put to good use.  

Whatever the count, it is true that it saves energy for all who use it.  And it's not meant just to save YOU money but also to help reduce our carbon-footprint in the grand scheme of things.  As of this post, the energy saved count said "2,416,658.141 Watt hours saved."  Enjoy! 


  1. great idea :P
    but i doubt that this number of watt hours is anywhere near accurate ;)

  2. cool stuff but yeah im with mac, doubting that their numbers are accurate

  3. nice idea - every little helps I suppose

  4. Good concept. I like it(:

  5. I suppose its a good idea, but who uses the google site anymore? When I search I use the omnibar or search bar.