Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Riddle #3

A young man walks through the forest. 
He came to a bridge.
In front of the bridge is a large man carrying an axe.

The large man says, "If you want to cross this bridge, you must tell me a statement. If I think the statement is true, you will be strangled to death. If I say the statement is false, your head will be chopped off."

A few minutes later, the young man walked over the bridge, while the larger man stood pondering.

What was the statement the young man had given?

Solution to Monday Riddle #2:

Fill the 3-cup container with milk and then pour all three cups of milk into the 5-cup container. Fill the 3-cup container with milk again and then use it to fill the 5-cup container the rest of the way. The remainder left in the 3 cup container will equal one cup.


  1. Damn bro, Beats me, cant wait for the answer on this one

  2. Aww, I've heard it before so I won't post the answer to make sure the curious people won't come and read it until your next post! The first time it got me wondering for quite a while!

  3. Your work on this blog is great! keep it up!

  4. I was stumped and then I read Mac-and_me's post...obvious lol

  5. If u don't stand for something, u will fall for anything!

  6. I have no idea it's a mind!@#$ >_<

  7. heard this one before, I like it though.