Friday, January 14, 2011

Hydroponics - The Basic Idea

As an introductory lesson in hydroponics, I'd like to just cover the basic ideas and win you over to the concept.  It's simple and easy to learn and do!                                                                                                             

The topic of hydroponics would take a library to cover in full, but I will discuss some of the basics here so that you can get a better understanding. You will find it to be intriguing and fascinating as you learn that plants really do not have to have soil in which to grow. In essence, soil serves only two main purposes: (1) to nourish and (2) to support the structure of the roots. Both of these can be provided without the mess by taking advantage of hydroponics. Many people do not realize that roots need oxygen just like humans do. When the roots are buried in thick and compressed dirt or clay, the roots get very little to no oxygen. Hydroponics will often times produce a larger and more supple crop because it allows a much better airflow as well as a perfect balance of nutrients. The better exposure to oxygen virtually eliminates the chance of fungus and thus the need for fungicides. Because most hydroponic systems are used indoors (or in a greenhouse), most pests are non-existent as well. The end result is a crop that never had to be exposed to any chemicals of any kind, which leads to healthier plants and fresh organic produce. In the next post, we will take a look at how it all works.


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  2. Dro is probably the easiest thing to grow via hydroponics. Plenty of youtube videos on the matter.