Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moon Lies?

I'm sure, by now, everyone has heard some mention of the theory that we never landed on the moon.  Because most of us civilians cannot absolutely prove either case, we have to leave it up to discussion based upon what little tangible evidence NASA and the government have allowed us to have.  Instead of being biased and pushing my side one way or the other, I will simply list the most common and popular reasons that leave doubt as to why the footage and lunar trips appear to be staged:

Photos and Films:
  1. Crosshairs appear to be behind objects.
  2. Crosshairs are sometimes misplaced or rotated.
  3. The quality of the photographs is implausibly high.
  4. There are no stars in any of the photos; the Apollo 11 astronauts also claimed in a post-mission press   conference to not remember seeing any stars.
  5. The angle and color of shadows are inconsistent.
  6. There are identical backgrounds in photos which, according to their captions, were taken miles apart.
  7. The number of photographs taken is implausibly high. Up to one photo per 50 seconds.

Radiation and Heat:
  1. The astronauts could not have survived the trip because of exposure to radiation from the Van Allen radiation belt and galactic ambient radiation. Some hoax theorists have suggested that Starfish Prime (high altitude nuclear testing in 1962) was a failed attempt to disrupt the Van Allen belts.
  2. Film in the cameras would have been fogged by this radiation. 
  3. The Moon's surface during the daytime is so hot that camera film would have melted.

Mechanical Issues:
  1. No blast crater or any sign of dust scatter as was seen in the 16 mm movies of each landing.
  2. The second stage of the launch rocket and / or the Lunar Module ascent stage produced no visible flame.
  3. The rocks brought back from the Moon are identical to rocks collected by scientific expeditions to Antarctica.
  4. The flag placed on the surface by the astronauts flapped despite there being no wind on the Moon. Sibrel said "The wind was probably caused by intense air-conditioning used to cool the astronauts in their lightened, uncirculated space suits. The cooling systems in the backpacks would have been removed to lighten the load not designed for Earth’s six times heavier gravity, otherwise they might have fallen over".
  5. The Lander weighed 17 tons and sat on top of the sand making no impression but directly next to it footprints can be seen in the sand.
  6. The air conditioning units that were part of the astronauts' spacesuits could not have worked in an environment of no atmosphere.
  7. All six lunar landings occurred during the first presidential administration of Richard Nixon and no other national leader of any country has even claimed to have landed astronauts on the Moon, even though the mechanical means of doing so should have become progressively much easier after almost 40 years of steady or even rapid technological development. 
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    Its obviously a hoax. Fuckin lame ass cunts lol, cant believe not everyone knows this already. A few people "myseriously" died who were involved in this project. getting stuck on railroad tracks and bullshit like that.

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  2. This has been debunked pretty well over the years already, think its real brah.

  3. I can go either way on this...both sides do have some compelling arguments...but Im the ever def hoax lol.

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  4. astronauts gonna astronate
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  5. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a hoax lol

  6. hmm. very interesting. I had always thought the conspiracy theories about this being a hoax were a little far-fetched, but reading this, there is some very convincing evidence.

  7. It's real bro....

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  9. Damn, thats some surprisingly good evidence there. I am definately going to have to rethink some things!

  10. Going to have to read this later. Interested. Following.

  11. There will always be technologically impaired conspiracy theorists that take for granted all we have achieved in our society today. Stuff like this really gets to me though, how can you so deeply analyze this now when the first commercial flights into space are being performed? Maybe if you had a few million dollars you could take a ride to the moon too and see whats up for yourself.

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  12. "Reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite."

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  13. To Particle Man... No part of this article denounced flights into space. This is only about LANDING on the moon.

  14. what would be the point o, ive met Buzz Aldrin and he didn't seem like a lier to me

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  15. Everyone knows transformers are on the moon!

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  16. There are plenty of reasons... If the government made ALL that hype about us going to the moon... And then say they somehow figured out it wasn't possible with their technology...or too many things went wrong... They're not going to shame themselves by announcing that and letting Russia and everyone else get there before us. I've heard plenty of stories for possible reasons. Another one (yet more more "out there") was that we encountered aliens out there who threatened us and told us to never return. Who knows!

  17. it's good to keep an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out brah.