Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PayBox.me - Money or Scam?

Easy way to make $20+ per day simply by logging on??  Maybe...  Or a scam..  Either way, it only took 2 minutes to log on, and I learned about it through another blog.  Several people signed up because of it, and we are all waiting to see if this really works.  You also get $10 for each referral.  $25 simply for signing up.  We believe they are trying to become the next Paypal...  If you would be so kind and are interested on trying it out (apparently, there's nothing to lose), please use my referral link, and I will post an entry on here about the results!  Thanks in advance and don't forget to follow me!


  1. Didn't even read but it had scam written all over it

  2. 1) It's a scam.
    2) There are literally thousands(!) of sites like these.
    3) When you will ask for the earnings you will have to wait a period of time (at least a month) supposedly for them to transfer the money.
    4) The money will never be transfered.

  3. Well, there's already $25 in my account. The only thing I've noticed is that you cannot cash out. The money is designed to be used for online purchases only from vendors who accept PayBox.me payments. However, they claim to be in the process of developing a debit card... IF they do that...then this is as good as cash.

  4. If it's too good to be true, it is.

  5. its definetly a scam..

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    and I will return the favor ;)

  6. "My above comment was in reference to the part of the movie where Napoleon made money by working in a chicken coup...and the part where he asked about the "large talons." That is all. "

    i know, brah. just messing around!